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A New Organ For Keble College, Oxford


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Has anyone else seen this?


After some years of an electronic substitute, this will no doubt be welcome news to the incumbent musicians - the organ, not the article, that is.


There is a link to Kenneth Tickell's website, where may be seen the stoplist. It would be interesting to know how much of the previous instrument (Hill/Rushworth & Dreaper) is to be retained - other than the conservation of the front pipes, with their polychrome decoration, which is the only specific reference on Tickell's site.


There are a number of slightly unconventional features: the proposed tierce mixture on the Pedal Organ, the Solo division (instead of the former Choir Organ) and a Cornet and a (presumably) more powerful solo reed placed on a fourth clavier, a little like a scaled-down version of the Solo Organ at Chichester Cathedral.

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I know the proposals for the pipe organ in Keble Chapel have been discussed here before although I haven't had time to find the link (and I'm not very good at hyper-links anyway). At one stage there was a possibility of the 4 manual Willis/HN&B from Brighton Parish Church going there but for various reasons that fell through.



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