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Removal of musical instruments from V&A


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It appears that musical instruments are going to be removed from display at the V&A museum. I can't begin to understand the thinking behind this completely retrograde action. Perhaps Message Boaders can find out more and consider signing the petition here.

This has been discussed at some length on other lists. There are several factors to consider:


* The V&A is primarily interested in the instruments as pieces of furniture and examples of decoration.

* It seems that access for study is limited.

* The instruments are rarely played - which is good from a conservation point of view, but it would be nice to hear them sometimes.

* They are kept in better conditions (climate control, protection from the public) than instruments in some other collections.

* They are all at one location rather than scattered.

* Only some are on display, and some in storage.


Few of these factors are entirely good or bad on their own. Its a case of balancing the swings against the roundabouts.

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