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s/h blowers

Peter Munro

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Would be interested to know of any 1/4HP blowers for sale, in good order.

CFM requirement for organ intended is in the region of 275.



I saw one on Ebay yesterday, in Staplecross, Sussex, for £50 or thereabouts. 1/4 hp Discus blower with cabinet.

I'll look again and maybe post the link.



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Don't look too hard - it ended on Thursday at £63. There's another on ebay though, in Anglesey, found in a barn!


Well this one may be OK but it's vital you check out the wind pressures - both of the organ and the blower, as described on e-bay there's not that sort of information. Also the static blower pressure is that usually quoted, but you need to make an allowance for the falling off of pressure that occurs when the blower is supplying wind when the organ's played. So you will need the blower pressure to exceed the highest pressure the organ works on. But you can maybe check the old blower output which may cover it.


You could look too at this website http://www.bobstevenson.co.uk/organ_blower_fans.pdf but I can't read the scanned bits which are the ones you want! And it's an idea to make sure your electricity supply is correct - in this case, single phase. Some churches used 3-phase supplies for blowers. 3-phase supply to a 1-phase motor can be done, but not the reverse. Also suggest you ckeck the motor bearings.


Hope this helps and good luck!



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