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As I have mentioned here before, the Dutch broadcaster, the NCRV, has been posting weekly audio files on their website from their archive of organ recordings dating from between 1949 and 2004. Since 1995 many fascinating recordings have been available. Unfortunately, this week's addition appears to be the last, as the administrator responsible for the archive is seemingly leaving. According the message next to this week's concert, only a small proportion of the recorded material has been posted. I hope fervently that somebody takes the archive on and continues to post 'new' material.


I have drawn attention before to the recordings on this archive of the Haarlem Bavo organ before Marcussen's rebuild of 1960. Several more recordings have been added including the complete final rounds of the International Improvisation Competitions in 1957 and 1958 (in addition to the 1953 recording previously discussed). Most interestingly, the 1958 recording includes an improvisation by Peter Hurford. I haven't had the chance to listen to these yet but this material should be like golddust...


The archive can be found here:




and the 1958 improvisation final featuring Peter Hurford here:





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