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Dear Friends,


As I have mentioned in previous messages, I am writing a book on the

Organ Symphonie. The book will be published on the internet and made

freely available for anyone to access and use for research purposes. A

physical copy will also be sold, and used to fund further research. You

are invited to see the first 3 complete pages:

The Introduction:


A list of known Symphonies and the scores/recordings I have of them:


The first entry - Germaine Labole:



I am starting to work regularly on this project again, and so will be trying to add to the book more regularly in the next weeks. The list of Symphonies needs to

be updated, as I have been sent 30 or 40 more composers (thanks to Dr. John Henderson), but it is still a good start, and will give you an idea of the sheer number of Organ Symphonies out there.


I will post links to new entries as they are written. Any help, corrections or further information on the entries is gratefully accepted, as well as news about symphonies I've not heard about yet.


Best regards,



-- Jonathan Orwig

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Are you talking here exclusively about the Organ Symphony as a solo form or will you include those with orchestra as well? Clearly if you were including the latter you might include the two Guilmant works :P


Just as a solo form...


Thanks for asking!



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