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New Cathedral Organ Specification


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Thought everyone might be interested: this is what happens when an organ scholar at the Cathedral, a organ student and a pipe voicer try to write a specification...


Great Organ

Sub Principal 32

Double Open Diapason 16

Open Diapason I 8

Open Diapason II 8

Open Diapason III 8

Open Diapason IV 8

Open Diapason V 8

Open Diapason VI 8

Clarabella 8

Rohr Gedackt 8

Principal I 4

Principal II 4

Principal III 4

Wald Flute 4

Alpenhorn 4

Twelfth 2 2/3

Fifteenth 2

Mixture VIII (10-12-15-17-19-22-24-26)

Sharp Mixture III (29 sharp kitchen knifes, mounted en chamade)

Double Trumpet 16

Trumpet 8

Trompetta de Battalia 8 (starts fighting with Trumpet 8 when used together)

Clarion 4


Swell Organ

Dulciana 64 (C25)

Contra Double Dulciana 32

Double Dulciana 16

Bourdon 16

Open Diapason 8

Roar Flute 8

Dulciana 8

Viola da Gamba 8

Voix Celeste 8 (C13)

Midget Violinist 8

Midget Violinist Celeste 8 (Amputated below knees)

Principal 4

Open Flute 4

Dulcet 4

Nazard 2 2/3

Fifteenth 2

Dulcetina 2

Tierce 1 3/5

Plein Jeu VI (15-15-15-15-36-8)

Double Contra Oboe 32

Blare 16

Trompometta 8

Oboe da Crappia 8

Clarion 4

Glocken Fonterra 4


Choir Organ Enclosed in holding pen

A member of the choir will be assigned to each note on manual and connected to 240V mains.


Fanfare Organ

Vuvuzela 32

Vuvuzela 16

Vuvuzela 8

Vuvuzela 4

Belchhorn 16

Oprahclide 8

Piccolo Tuba Miserabilis 1

Hungarian Sonaraphone (all pitches imaginable; when drawn throws hammers at floor followed by a recording yelling "Bastard!"


Echo Organ Enclosed in a cardboard box somewhere in a small town 30 or more kilometres away.

Kazoovuzela 16

Jews Harp 8

Kazoovuzela 8

Kazoovuzela 4

Spoons 2

Kazoovuzela 2

Digeridoo 16


Pedal Organ

Helicopter 128

Sub Ultra Terra Diaphonic Piccolo 64

Contra Boredom 32

Double Woof 32

Woof 32

Sub Bass bass bass 16

Open Diapason Metal 16

Open Diapason Wood 16 (made of tree trunks preferably)

Cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine 16

Boredom 16

Quintolotelephone 10 2/3

Octave 8 (also made of tree trunks)

Heckelphone 8

Flute 8

Methylaniline 4

Super Dooper Octave 2

Plain Jew II

Fancy Jew III

Fancy Christian X

Octocontrabass Clarinet (Has a range so low that it does not even have a pitch)

Fog Horn 64

Diaphone 32 (Voiced to be heard all around city)

Diaphone Profundas 32 (Voiced to be heard at least as far as the next major city)

Rumble 32 (F30; engages a system of pneumatics to shake the whole church)

Contra Bagpipe 18

Bombarde 16

Dudelsack (German Bagpipe) 16

Fusillade 8

Drive By 4



Gt & Pedal Piston Coupler

Clergy to a rather nice holiday... ^

Tibia Liquida #

Choir to Pub


^ Goes online, books air tickets and sends clergy away.

# A bar, complete with bar-tender, comes out of casework either side of console.


We have suggested this to the DoM; his response "Organ Scholars and their dreams..."


However, all suggestions welcome.

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Guest Patrick Coleman
Thought everyone might be interested: this is what happens when an organ scholar at the Cathedral, a organ student and a pipe voicer try to write a specification...


Why wasn't this suggested to Llandaff before they spent so much money on theirs...



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Let's not forget Mr P Collins provided a 32' Rumble on the organ of Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh!


He shouldn't have bothered - the Greyfriars organ is perfectly fine without. The 'Rumble' as it's named is a second hand rank of stopped open wood pipes layed horizontally rear of the gallery, rigged up on electric action, when the rest of the organ is within the case and mechanical. The thing has never worked properly (last time I played it only one note in the bottom octave spoke at all...) It should be disconnected, removed or replaced in my opinion. So much for the 'Rumble'...

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