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I popped into Chichester Cathedral on my way home from a funeral today, and noticed an organ console, at the West End up high in the South Triforium.....Anyone know what that is about??

Best wishes




To do with the Mander nave organ? I have seen a crane winching crates of papers etc up and down before, I suppose they might store the nave console out of the way. Isn't the whole thing on train tracks?

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The previous Allen used to be at the west end after the pipe organ was reinstated.




Aha! That would be it - I now remember seeing loud speakers up there as well...

The Mander nave console is further East on the North side (opposite the triforium pipes) on ground level. I didnt notice any train tracks though!

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All still there - very much looking forward to hearing them again! Know what you mean about "rocket" though. I seem to remember them also being compared (not sure whether rudely or not) to a Mississippi Steamer funnel... I have to say I rather like them.


A but like the 32' pipes in the "old" Worcester cathedral organ - the castellated tops remind me of the chimney of "Rocket"...
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