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St Lawrence Sketches

Peter Clark

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I have just ordered this suite from the excellent Michael's Music in the USA, having been impressed with previous purchases from this outlet. From what I have seen and heard, this composer, who is sadly little-known in the UK, has a distinctive quality, although I have detected something of a Karg-Elert influence in terms of harmonic language and registration demands (though the thematic material is undoubtedly essentially Russellian, if I can coin a term), as well as the programmatic nature of the work. This suite certainly reminds me of Karg-Elert's 7 Pastels as well as some of his other impressionistic/programmatic compositions. But is seems to me (and I have yet to see the entire score) that this is a composer worth exploring for his originality. Members may wish to know that Micheal's Music offers a free download of a mini study of the composer.



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