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Hand Blowing

Guest Geoff McMahon

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Guest Geoff McMahon

I wonder if our friends on the forum might be interested in a short video which has been put up on YouTube which shews an organ being hand blown.



This is the restored organ for St George's Southall which had now been back at St George's for some while. But before we took it there, we had a workshop concert which was given by Dr. William McVicker. For one of the pieces (Stanley Trumpet Tune) we switched odd the blower and hand pumped the organ. Some of you may recognise the organ pumper!


This is the Abraham Jordan organ which was originally built in 1723 for St George's Botolph Lane in the City of London. When St George's was closed down at the very beginning of the 20th century and demolished, another St George was built in Southall and the organ transferred. It had already been altered and enlarged before it was moved and was then changed considerably for its new location. This included the discarding of the lower part of the case. But practically all the Great pipework and the Great soundboards still existed and a small amount of the Swell pipework.


We had the very enjoyable task of restoring it to its original specification (even without pedals) and as part of that we reconstructed hand blowing.


A recording of the organ should be out some time in the New Year



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