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Royal Wedding Music


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If you were DoM for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton next year, and had to choose all the music on your own (i.e. without consulting the happy couple) what would you choose and who would you have to perform it?




If I were DoM I would of course have my choir perform.

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One hopes that they will avoid any cliches, anything naff, and anything that will really 'date' the day.


A half decent anthem commission would be rather good, I've sung/conducted several choirs who got plenty of mileage out of 'Let the people praise thee', Mathias. Interesting that they avoided the Master of the Queens Music then (Mr Williamson), let's hope they avoid the current one and go for a half decent up and coming one. I fear they'll opt for the populist option; Rutter (OKish), Jenkins (oh dear), rather than someone off the beaten track who would produce something we can all use in our churches, maybe Gabriel Jackson, Whitacre, or even a touch of melody from Archer or Stopford etc.


Please, also no pop music (sorry Elton), no ailing X factor singers (sorry Ms Church), or trendy rappers.


Organ music, please no Widor V, or Mendelssohn. Can't have any of the Coronation Marches (even though they make good wedding exits) as they are likely to give Prince Charles a heart attack.


I know we have one forum member who has recently contributed to the site, who has indeed played at a Royal Wedding. I hope he might reveal himself and give us some insights into what went into the one he played before.

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Hopefully we can have a pleasant, traditional service in the hope of luring other couples back towards this!


I agree about the anthem commission. Personally I would be straight on the phone to Gabriel Jackson, with the brief of "your usual style, but approchable, and also publishable in an arrangment for average choirs"


As for organ music, "what do we all fancy being asked for for about ten years?" Vierne 1, Lanquiet Toccata?

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Organ music, please no Widor V, or Mendelssohn.


:o No Mendelssohn at all?


Should I abandon the IIIrd Sonata opening before I've got it up to scratch, or did you just mean the corny one?


I agree about Elton John though, but I think we're safe; he was just a Princess Diana hanger-on.

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