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Ancient recording wanted

Pierre Lauwers

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A member of the french forum had a recording since years,

on a cassette, which referencies are as follows:


Newport Boys’ Choir, dir Michael Landers

“The Newport Boys’ Choir at St. John’s”

(cassette; Alpha CAPS 392)

J Hughes, B Britten, M Landers, PJ Hurford, C Symons


Halas this little thing has been lost, and now that our member

leads a choir, he would be quite interested to find it again,

under any form that it might be (Cassette, CD, MP3...)


Does anyone know about it ?



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Guest Patrick Coleman

The Newport Boys' Choir was an RC foundation based on various attempts at setting up Pueri Cantores groups in the area.


They may still exist, or someone may be able to tell you where Michael Landers currently is.


A good starting contact would be:




Hope this helps!

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