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Flor Peeters


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Message Boarders have recently been recalling how important the Flor Peeters organ compositions are, although not frequently played nowadays. He was a towering organ virtuoso, in the era of Langlais, Dupre, and Germani. His 3 volume organ tutor Ars Organi was unrivalled in the literature for students of the organ.


David Morgan, a friend of mine, who died earlier this year, had lessons with Flor Peeters in August 1965. Flor Peeters gave David several sets of notes, which I now have, these relate to Peeters' organ works up to 1965 (that is works up to opus 114); the notes are-

• "The composer and his compositions"

• List of organ works

• List of recordings

• List of organ publications


I think these will be of interest to some members of the Discussion Board and I would be happy to e mail anyone a copy of all of these documents if you contact me through the Discussion Board messages.


I would say however that "The composer and his compositions" is very interesting but not, shall we say, earth shattering in what it reveals. The list of organ works includes a difficulty grading.

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