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Performing rights, child protection etc

David Coram

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Ummm ... I'm not a lawyer but ...


I don't think being furious, however justifiably, is going to do any good. It will just increase your stress levels and diminish you.


I don't know what your wife wrote, or to whom she wrote it, but someone needs to point out to whoever is publishing the DVD/video that they have no copyright in the performance at this moment, and if they want to publish they had better speak with those who do hold that copyright.


Playing on Sunday is a separate matter, I'd have thought.



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Just last night I was part of a discussion on just this kind of topic. Quite apart from the poor treatment of musicians, what you described seems to flout the law and the rights of composers and publishers. YouTube notwithstanding, even posting a performance video for free viewing can require payment to BMI, ASCAP, Harry Fox, and so on. I hope your letter prompts some reconsideration and you find an amicable solution.

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