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Southwark Cathedral - 11th April


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Hi all,


Those who have been members for a good few years will remember that, when David Gedge (ex. DoM, Brecon Cathedral) was taken ill while at the organ there was much posting on a topic set up to wish him well. If I recall rightly, one of the responses came from Harriet Gedge.


I note from the latest edition of the Choir & Organ magazine - which landed in my mailbox this morning - the following brief news item on page 5. I quote, in full:


"Robert Munns's (sic) Southward Cathedral recital on 11 Apr (see page 69) is in thanksgiving for the life of Harriet Gedge".


Sounds like a recital that, although given in what sounds like sad circumstances, could be worth attending and, if I find myself in the area at the time, I will go. Anyone know what Mr. Munns is likely to play?



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