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Mark 'Bertie' B.


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A personal plea for help!


The best man at my parent's wedding was an organ builder by trade, and I know that he worked for Mander's in the 70s/80s and left at some point around that time to work for himself. Unfortunately they lost touch, and despite several attempts to get back in touch my father has never been able to do so.


It is their wedding anniversary coming up in June, and I wondered if anyone here might know him, or whether he might even read this! I'm not sure whether I ought to put surnames here, so I will just put first names and first initials of surnames to protect privacy! My father is Bill C. who married Annamaria W. and the best man who I am trying to find is Mark B., known as 'Bertie', who I believe to have been married to Sue at the time.


I'm doing this and hoping to surprise my father, so details here are slightly sketchy as to what bits of the story I have managed to find out subtly! My father is from Co. Durham and my parents met in London and were married in Devon in 1980. The last contact they had would have been around 1995/96 - Bertie lived (lives?!) on a house boat and my parents moved house at around that time - the last correspondence was a Christmas card that year from 'Bertie, Sue and "Bump"!' who they believed to have been a new baby but as there was no return address on the card they were never able to send on their new address!


I hope I have got my facts straight, and please excuse the personal nature of the post. I hope somebody can help.


Thanks in advance,


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