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Try this as a link to a drawing. There are a number of photos of the spire if you Google "Images". Have a hunt.

Best wishes,



Hey ! a real " WOW " factor if ever there was one! Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. My laziness would no doubt have overcome me and I would have found this site sooner or later.


Truly a gothic edifice of the highest order. Pity it, together with a lot of other people and buildings had to pay the ultimate sacrifice in order to save mankind but that is life I suppose.


I am surprised that this church was not mentioned in that excellent book entitled " Visionary Spires " gen. ed Sarah Crew. This book examines fantastic designs ( mainly Gothic ) some of which made it off the drawing board and others which didn`t.


In order to get back onto matters organ it would be interesting to wonder at the organ which occupied it. Think I may well have a sleepless night in designing a case/ console/ spec for it!!


Whilst I am still edifice geeking I do not think however that even this Colossal Pile would even come close to a drawing I saw in a book entitled " Funerary Architecture "; the author of which I have forgotten. Anyway, there is a drawing in this book of what can only be described as a Gothic monolith which was planned to stand on the Millbank site by the Thames. In scale this would have completely dwarfed the Palace of Westminster/ Westminster Tower and the Abbey!!!!

Its function? To act as a Repository for the Great and The Good of Britain!!! The designer , I think, was Waterhouse.


I have to be careful on architects what with mixing Scot and Pugin on my previous ramblings!


Thanks once again for the input on the thread.

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