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Choir stall design


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Apologies for being off topic on an organ forum, but board members' advice on the subject of choir stall design would be welcome.


A new set of stalls is being designed at a local church and I have been asked to contribute ideas around the design. Whilst I have a few thoughts of my own, I would appreciate any ideas around ergonomics and lighting especially. Should the back rows be taller than the front, for example?


Thoughts would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance!

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I too would be interested in hearing people's response to this as we're looking at replacing our choir stalls, perhaps with something a bit more movable so that we can use them in different formations or places in the church. However, we'll need to come up with something that is suitable for both adults and children to sit in the front rows as who sits where can change service by service!


Are they going to have them custom made or something more 'off the peg'?


(You haven't been asked by a member of my PCC have you?! :unsure: )



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For me movability is the biggest issue. You need to be able to fix them in position in more than one way for choral work, but be able to move them away without too much issue. Lockable wheels works.


I quite enjoy having the back row a little higher - it seems to work better musically too.

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