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Buying Dutch Organ Music


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Partly because of encouragement from http://www.musicareligiosa.nl/ I have been trying to buy more Dutch organ music.


The first problem is finding an on-line stockist. Then care is necessary to make sure that one orders "notation" rather than "Klavarskribo". After that comes the problem of paying. Many sites don't deal with credit card orders, expecting payments by bank transfer (cheap in Holland, but expensive when done from the UK) - but most are willing to accept payment in Euro notes, and after buying many CDs and pieces of sheet music that way, and sending money by ordinary post, none has ever been lost or stolen.


Not all orders placed get any response. One popular composer has a website which takes order details and delivery address - but nothing happens, and emails to the composer don't produce any reply, either.


However, the biggest problem is finding the websites of as many suppliers as possible.


Can forum members suggest sites which they are aware of - or even better with which they have had successful dealings?

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I should list a few that I do know about:


Den Hertog http://www.hertog.nl/

Boeijenga http://www.muziekhandel-boeijenga.nl/

de Pelgrim www.depelgrim.nl

Gebr. Koster http://www.gebrkoster.nl/

Con Passione www.con-passione.nl (foreign orders are handled by Den Hertog)

Wim Zwart http://www.wimzwart.nl/


The Vink Music Store in Groeningen is no longer trading.






The following site is working, but doesn't deliver anything

www.martinmans.nl and info@martinmans.nl

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Perhaps this site will help: http://www.broekmans.com/en/default.cfm

Broekmans en Van Poppel is not a specialised dealer of organ music scores, but you probably can order a lot of organ music via them, if needs be on special request.

You can pay by creditcard.

I'd also endorse Broekmans. It was recommended by an RCO staff member, and they're a stone's throw from the Concertgebouw and part of what is now the Amsterdam Conservatorium. I've browsed/bought music (Sweelinck, etc) there on previous visits to the city.

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