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Henry Fincham


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I had a little tinkle on this organ the other day. Henry Fincham is a new one to me. I've discovered he was active in the last half of the 19th C.


Does anyone know any more? Major player (rather doubt it) - good/ bad etc?


'No time to check but didn't he start with Bevington and go off to Australia sometime in the 1850s. I seem to think the firm flourished there after that.



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Fincham indeed was and is a big name in Australia. Details on www.finchams.org

The Australian Finchams were descended from George Fincham 1828 - 1910. Henry Fincham was his nephew, being the son of George's elder brother John Fincham 1819 - ?. The whole family were organbuilders.

George Fincham was apprenticed to Henry Bevington 1842/3 - 1849. Then he was foreman for James Bishop & Son then worked at Forster & Andrews before heading to Australia.

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