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Trinity Methodist Church, Burton-on-Trent

Richard Fairhurst

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I'm told that the Hill in Trinity Methodist Church, Burton, has been sold to "a church in Berlin" following the closure of the church.


Interesting instrument: see report here, and this page suggests "some of the [original Johann Snetzler] pipes are believed to be in Trinity Methodist Church".





I used to love going to these houses of heresy, with the smell of pine and beeswax in the nostrils, and an imposing gallery organ.


So many have gone, but it's rather sad that this one had to go too, considering the pedigree and historic nature of it.


I expect the good organists of Burton will probably feel as crestfallen as I, when the great Brindley instrument at Dewsbury was thrown in the skip.


At least it is going to be saved, and I suppose it's not THAT far to Berlin for the dedicated few. What a pity the Brindley couldn't have gone to Germany somewhere, from where the inspiration for the organ originated.



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I'm told it's going here.


"At present, the excellent quality of our church music is sadly not matched by the quality of our (digital) organ. We believe that the best and most economical solution would be to acquire a used or redundant English church organ."




"We have attracted an outstanding church musician, Martin Kondziella, as our organist and Regens chori, of the Schola and Choir. Every Sunday the Schola sings the ordinary and propers. On Solemnities the Palestrina Ensemble sings a piece by its namesake or similar masters. Within a few years, St Afra’s church music has become a byword for quality in Berlin, and, among interested parties, it is known far beyond."

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