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I saw this on another list, and thought it would be of interest:





Priory Records this week launched its new internet radio service, eponymously titled "Priory Radio". The station aims to provide a service to admirers of choral and organ music, the demand for which is no longer served by major classical stations in the UK.


Neil Collier, Managing Director, said "We felt that the amount of airtime given over to organ and niche choral music - particularly organ music - on UK radio, had dwindled to the point where the community could really benefit from a 'Priory Radio' station. We were delighted by the fantastic response of our customers to the idea, and look forward to delivering more and similar services in future."


The station will transmit a selection of Priory tracks 24/7, at a bit-rate high enough to do proper justice to the quality of the recordings concerned.


Priory Radio is at http://www.prioryrecords.co.uk/radio/.


For more information contact Ben Collier, at ben.collier@prioryrecords.co.uk, or call (01525) 377566.


Priory has been recording and distributing choral and organ music for over 31 years. Based in Leighton Buzzard, UK, the company sees its mission as capturing the music at the heart of the Anglican choral and organ tradition and providing this music to the many passionate followers of the genre.

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