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Set of Chimes / Glockenspiel


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Definitely try America / Canada...


Nearly every United or Methodist church has a set whatever the quality or size of the organ, and plenty are closing down resulting in many spares becoming available. You should be able to obtain a set very cheaply, though you'll have to pay a bit in shipping.


You're most likely to find one with an electric pneumatic mechanism (be sure to know that the leather is good) the mechanism will be fully adjustable etc. for good volume regulations. Avoid anything modern and cheaply made with direct electric actions - there are plenty of those knocking around in Toronto and don't generally work well.


You may as well find a harp to install to...


Good luck with you're search



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Guest Voix Mystique

I suggest also speaking to the theatre organ community, they're bound to have something knocking around - the so-called American Theater Organ Society (which seems to operate worldwide) might be a good place to start. Where are you based?

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