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If anyone on the forum has a copy of Oliphant Chuckerbutty's "Paean" at hand, would you be willing to check some notes for me? I'm just learning this piece and I suspect a misprint in the score.


Seven measures from the end there is a descending melody with three chords in eighth notes followed by two in sixteenths. The first of the sixteenth note chords is g minor (d+g in the left hand, g'+b♭' in the right) which is fine, but the second goes off the rails: f+a in the left hand with f#'+b♭' in the right.


In a similar passage in m. 18 the g minor chord is followed by a diminished 7th, so I'm thinking of playing e♭+a with f#'+c'' in the right hand, which also restores the melody. Then again, m. 14 uses a sort of Neapolitan chord at the end of the measure leading to the dominant in m. 15. So, if anyone can point me in the right direction, I will be most grateful.





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I do your first option - plus channging the LH G to a Bb and adding an Eb in the LH last chord 8 bars from end - leaving the 'neopolitan' for three bars from the end.


Anyone see the m/s?


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