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Is there some kind soul out there with a copy of these tomes by Boeringer, who would be willing to scan for me the relevant page(s) about the 1847(?) Bevington organ at Charles Church, Plymouth? I should be most grateful for any help.


I would love to know the specification, but am also interested in the date. Unfortunately the page I need is not available to view on Google Books, but I do see a reference dating the organ 1847. I have also found online a book published in 1847 that contains an advert by Bevington & Sons giving a long list of their recent organs; Charles Church is listed. A book of vestry minutes from the church confirms that the organ was examined and approved on 2 July 1847 by Austin Thomas Macdonald (who was the organist of the church) and the following day by John Jeffery (who was the acting organist of St Andrew's, Plymouth). So far so good. What throws a spanner in the works slightly is a report in Woolmer's Exeter and Plymouth Gazette of 17 January 1846 stating that Macdonald gave the opening recital the previous Sunday (11 January)! In 1889 a pamphlet published by the church acknowledged 1846 as the year the organ was provided. There was certainly no organ prior to that date. I wonder why the organ wasn't examined and approved until eighteen months after the opening recital. Was this normal?

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