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Federated Says It Will Sell Lord & Taylor


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  • 3 weeks later...

Although I have heard of no buyer for L and T, I cannot imaging the Wanamaker organ would be much of a selling point. More to the point, I've heard the building itself is far past its prime, to the point where restoration would never be cost effecient. I suppose eventually the organ will be broken up. (Can you imaging building a venue for today? But then, I've never been its biggest fan--even though I did play it once back in the 60s. I was underwhelmed. Perhaps its' because of its strong association with Virgil Fox--a man for whom I held personal animus. More likely, it's because the Harvard Flentrop was my ideal back then, and I still enjoy the instrument for what it is.)


As things unfold, perhaps you could start a "Save the Wanamaker" campaigne? But seriously, if you hear any more keep us posted? At least I would find it interesting.


As ever,



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