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John Porter - Assistant Organist and Director of Music at St George's Chapel, Windsor.

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A lasting Memorial to John Porter can be found in the LP Archive Series of a well known producer of recordings of organs.

There are pieces written by his contemporaries at St George's Chapel, Dr Sidney Campbell and Sir William Harris.

Many years ago, the original LP was an inspiration to a young church organist who subsequently included some of the pieces in her repertoire.

I'm pleased to say that this CD recording will be included in her Birthday gifts quite soon.

Tempo Primo.

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The whole of the LP Archive Series is well worth getting, though, alas, it appears that only three of the volumes are still available.


I agree entirely about John Porter's recording. The works by Campbell and Harris are complemented by a small selection of pieces in which he shows just what an effective all-rounder the organ is. His performances of Campbell's works are definitive. I remember listening to them when the LP first appeared and thinking that that was exactly how the old man would have played them - only better!


Two small points: Campbell was never knighted and I wouldn't call him John's predecessor. John was Campbell's organ scholar (I'm not entirely sure, but weren't he and Graham Elliott organ scholars concurrently in lieu of an assistant organist?) and then later his assistant. So I think "contemporaries" is a more accurate description.

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