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John H. Cowin & Co., Liverpool.


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Does anyone know anything about the above named organ builder please? A complete lack of any mention on the internet suggests they no longer exist. If not, were they taken over by another firm, or did they just disappear?


My reason for asking is that I am trying to trace the origins of an organ which they sold second hand to a church in what is now Merseyside, back in the 1950s. I am wondering if their records may have been preserved somewhere, even if the firm is no longer around.


Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Helpful information from member Quentinbellamy has enabled me to follow up a lead which has at least partly answered my question.

Many thanks Quentin. PM sent.

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John Herbert Cowin (Bert) was a former employee of Willis, who set up his own business in the mid 1950s.


I have copies of correspondence from the firm to a customer, in 1959, which is headed with two addresses, both in Liverpool. One in Mayville Road, which would appear to be an office or home address, the other, noted as "Works," is in Lucknow Street. However these may not be the only addresses associated with the firm.


It appears that J. H. Cowin had quite a few employees, but he died while in his mid 50s, in or around 1965. The firm is no longer in existence, but his nephew, Keith Edwards, is an organ builder based in Cheshire.


Thanks to Quentin, and Keith Edwards, for their help.

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