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Two bits of news

Martin Cooke

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First - I am sure our host won't mind me mentioning that Harrison and Harrison have a new website.

Second - On page 39 of the May/June edition of 'Choir and Organ' there is an ad from OUP about two volumes of Hymn Miniatures by Rebecca Groom de Velde. Volume 2 is new but I had never come across volume 1. You can go to the OUP website and download sample material including whole pieces based on Adeste Fideles (an excellent fanfare intro to this hymn for this year's carol service) and Abbots Leigh (sadly in C major rather than D). I have only managed to play these through with my laptop balanced perilously on top of the piano, but I am sure others would enjoy looking at them and would agree that these are really worthwhile little gems not just for playing but also for those studying composition and improvisation. Have a look.

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