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A remarkable link to an Organist's 'Hobby'

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It is a beautiful website, and one which I have visited many times.


Although the creator of the site died some time ago, I am pleased that it remains on view as his personal statement of faith and as a tribute to his passion for pipe-organs.


For anyone who puzzles over the disease known as ALS, it is better known as Motor Neuron Disease in Britain.



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This link is very moving in its content and will be of interest to those of you who have had as many years playing the organ as this man.


It is an interesting site - full of useful material.


One small point: I notice that, in the section on the organ of Westminster Abbey, there is an 'incorrect' photograph. The image to the right of the list of G.O. stops appears to be the left-hand stop-jamb of the chancel console at Saint Paul's Cathedral.

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A useful site it might be, but a shame the owners of copyright are not identified (unless I missed it)!

That is the sad thing about so many postings on Youtube and other sites; there are clips from interesting CDs and DVDs, but often it is impossible to find the source, and even when one tries to buy a copy they have been discontinued.


Short clips might technically (and legally) breach copyright, but they could be regarded as free adverts which would attract legitimate purchasers. If the copyright owner has ceased to sell the material, then he or she is losing nothing by the web posting - which is still not legitimate.

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