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The Organ Symphonies Of Louis Vierne


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Does anyone have any thoughts on this subject?


I have the Rollin Smith book on Vierne and I have (somewhere) the articles by David Sanger in OR, concerning some apparent inaccuracies in Vierne's scores.


However, I believe that there are some which are not in the Smith book (I have not yet located which issues of IR contain the Sanger articles). For example, there are a few in the First Symphony, not listed, which must be incorrect - the last movement, in particular. One or two are so obvious, I must confess that I have played the 'correct' (i.e. harmonically, not as printed) notes for some time, before noticing the anomalies.


I am particularly interested in the first and second symphonies (entire) and the sixth (Finale).


Any assistance in this matter will be gratefully received.

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