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lost in translation

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St. Sulpice doesn't have one (!), but i remember chuckling over a "Bumblebee of love" on a different instrument, grace à Babelfish. I do like how the St. Sulpice "Trompette en Chamade" (caption under the first photograph) was translated as "Trumpet Wildly." Something gained in translation, there.


Here's a video of the "machine hail" in action:

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I do like the Full Harmonic Thurs on the positive and wonder if the next stop shouldn't be a 'Discordant Friday' followed by 'Unison Saturday' finishing with a 'Re-harmonised Last Verse Sunday'


Also the caption on the photo of the Choir Organ suggesting that it's capable of producing eathquakes!

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I just tried this with the organ stoplist of Passau Cathedral and got:


Pomeranian 4

Funnel Flute 4

Swiss Whistle 2

Drone 8 (nest of bees in the organ chamber?)

Prong 2

Overtones IV

Saucer 32

Geigend Shelf 4


Most amusing!

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