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Howard Cable - The Brothers Gershwin


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I love John Cage. -_-


This is the link:-




Tip for searching....always go in the order...... Sheet Music/Arranger/Composer


I just searched for Sheet Music Howard Cable Gershwin, but it isn't coming up with much. This sounds to me like a conductor-score transcription....a common method used by theatre organists when playing orchestral works/arrangements on the organ....it could even be a piano reduction score.


I'll keep on trying various avenues, but this could be tricky, as I suspect that it doesn't exist as an organ arrangement.





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The track comes from a CD (Signum Classics) released in 2006 which I have. I also recall hearing Simon Preston perform this (and other pieces on the CD) in a recital at the Royal Albert Hall. Its appearance on YouTube is therefore questionable. The CD notes state that work was originally conceived for organ and orchestra, and first performed by Simon Preston and the Calgary Philharmonic in 1998, so there's a possibility that the solo organ version has not been published.

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