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Dear list,

For the past two years, while Christchurch has been behaving as cross between a trampoline and a badly set jelly, I have kept my sanity by spending waking and wobbly hours designing organ-related gifts for sale on my online shop at organgifts.com and organ_calendars.com . The gift store now carries more than 1,400 organ-themed gifts of all kinds (from iPad cases,ties, mugs, invitations to concerts (you can fill in the details before printing), music binders, luggage labels, clocks, pillows, plates, bags, posters...and so on. Many of these are able to be altered to add names, or change the text if you can think of something better. The organ calendar store has 42 that include whole year ones (as posters and mousepads ) and more conventional wall styles. Photos come from around the world and there's of course a fair selection of English organs - in fact the beautiful Chester Cathedral one features on this year's Ceiling and Cases 2 one . Anyway, have a look - you might just find something to hint to Santa about this Christmas! (and then there's always "Organ-isms: Anecdotes from the World of the King of Instruments", which most of you know about anyway!


And while I'm here, I can add that at the end of October the army of engineers who have been investigating the ground beneath our town hall in Christchurch will let us know the fate of the hall and therefore the organ inside. It has been a gruelling 2 years since the first earthquake and we are not finished yet - the aftershocks have totalled more than 12,400 - and although they are diminishing in frequency and violence, we still brace ourselves for the next 'big one'.! The Anglican cathedral (the fate of that building is being argued about) is being replaced temporarily by a cardboard cathedral, and the beautiful Catholic Basilica is gradually shaking itself to pieces.. no word on that. I believe that here in Christchurch there are now playable 1 out of 12 3-manual instruments,16 out of 43 two-manuals, and 4 out of 13 one manual and pedals, and 1 out of 6 manuals only. Making a total of 22 out of 74 organs in Christchurch playable. Much better than the 4 out of 77 originally! So things are starting to look up. :) (if you are interested in the full list of organs here, there are 3 files organised by alphabet, location and size you can read from http://www.nzorgan.com/earthquake/Organ-damage/canterbury-organs.htm


Cheers from wobbly Churchmouse in New Zealand

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