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Robes and Music

Charles Wooler

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I have problem- the choir of the church where I am Director of Music has grown rather a lot in the last year (getting towards doubling in size) and we need music for new members.Does anyone know of a church who no longer has a choir that wishes to dispose of robes and music. We wear crimson cassocks and knee length surplices (either old English or standard would be fine). If so please get in touch (sjohnsmusic at gmail.com). In terms of music it's hard to list everything that we would need, and we'd be interested in most things but any leads on the following collections would be especially valuable- Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems, European Sacred Music, Anthems for Choirs 1, 100 Carols for Choirs and Advent for Choirs.


This is naturally a (probably unrealistic) shot in the dark, but it may just bear fruit, and as they say in the North East, shy bairns get nowt........



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