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Gillian Weir Entertains


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Last night it was my privilege to hear Dame Gillian Weir's final public concert at Westminster Cathedral, bringing to a close a supercharged career that began there in 1964. A standing ovation of some length was a fitting tribute to a lifetime dedicated to promoting organ music.


Now here's my speculative question : If YOU were to choose a 'farewell' concert programme, same venue, same format ( 2 x 40 mins), what would you play ?



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'Wouldn't play it myseif....... of course..... but would try and get hold of the services of Thomas Murray for the first half and Naji Hakim for the second half. I'd let them sort out their own programme from the point of view that the first would be bound to play something standard and/or transcriptions superbly well and the second something French and music of his own supremely well. It would be an interesting evening I think!



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