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This Friday, 31st January at 7.30pm, Jeremy Filsell will give the opening recital on the 25/IIIP St Martin organ at St Michael and All Angels Church, Chiswick (W4 1TT, next to Turnham Green tube). Both organist and organ are sounding great. Entry is free, do come along.


Toccata & Fugue in D minor BWV 565
Pierre Du MAGE
from Livre d’Orgue:
Plein Jeu – Tierce en taille – Basse de Trompette – Récit – Grand Jeu
From the Leipzig Chorales:
Allein Gott in der Höh' sei Ehr'
BWV 662
Allein Gott in der Höh' sei Ehr'
BWV 664
Marcel DUPRÉ
Prélude et Fugue en Sol (G) mineur Op. 7 no. 3
Postlude pour l'office de Complies
Concert Overture in C minor (1899)
Symphonie no I Op. 14: Final

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I went to this recital today:


St Michael and All Angels Bedford Park (St Martin 2013 25/IIIP). The first of our monthly recitals (first Friday of every month at 12.30) will be given this Friday, 7th March, by Nick Wearne organist of St Martin-in-the-Fields. Bach, Mendelssohn, Jeffcoat, Durufle P&F/Alain. Free admission.


First impressions: the organ case looks both sumptuous and completely in agreement with the colours and feel of this Arts and Crafts church. I particularly admired the way the red and gold was shared between the organ and the walls of the sanctuary. I was surprised by the clear view of the pedal pipes through the arch at the east end of the North Aisle; I quickly came to appreciate the contrast between the highly decorated front of the organ case which contains only the pipes of the Grande Orgue and the other divisions of the organ which are undecorated and functional.


Nick Wearne played a short programme with panache, accuracy and musicality. An early JS Bach Prelude & Fugue in C showed off the fine plenum and some quieter combinations which sounded very well in the body of the nave. The next piece, with a complicated history involving a Polish folk-tune, an accordion and Rupert Jeffcoat, was a set of variations which presented many varied registrations including, I think, the Hautbois and Nasard which to my ears synthesised a very effective clarinet. The Duruflé Prelude et Fugue sur le Nom d’Alain started at a fierce pace which Mr Wearne kept up throughout the prelude. The Bourdon of the Grande Orgue seemed to lack definition at this speed; it was a pleasing sound but there was a lot of "chiff" and not much "note". The Cornet of the Résonance sounded marvellous as did the strings of the Récit. I wasn't sure whether we were given the true "full organ" at any point. If we were then I would say the 16' reed on the Résonance is rather refined.


Many thanks to Jon Dods for organising this, the first in a series of recitals taking place on the 2nd Friday of every month.


One non-musical thing that amused me: when I sat down someone in the pew behind asked me to remove my "hi-viz" jacket as it was too bright for her and "inappropriate".


I would like to congratulate Jon, the organ consultant John Rowntree, the vicar, the PCC and the congregation on their tremendous new instrument.

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The next in our series of monthly recitals (first Friday of the month) will take place tomorrow at 12.30.


It's on a theme of light. I'm playing Overture to Handel's firework music, Buxtehude Chorale Fantasia on Wie Schon leuchtet der Morgenstern, Clair de Lune and Hymne au Soleil from Vierne's Pieces de Fantasie, and The Glow-Worm from Lysistrata by Paul Lincke.


Next month (2nd May) another local organist, Oliver West, is playing. On 6th June Neil Wright is coming to do a programme of improvisations on pieces in the Bedford Park Festival art exhibition.


Do come along and say hello!

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