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Organ Building Books On Ebay


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The following are available on Ebay:


Ebay number 8373766316

The Electric Organ by Reginald Whitworth (third edition 1948): An historical introduction and a comprehensive description of modern usage of electricity in organ building. The book contains one hundred and thirty four figures and a large number of specifications of organs electrically operated ("including many of the most important organs now erected")


Ebay Number 7383793557

The Harrison Story by Lawrence Elvin. This is, of course the history of the famous Durham firm of pipe organ builders (Harrison & Harrison of Durham). This book, a first edition, was, when printed in 1973 an edition limited to 1000 copies.


Ebay Number 6591524255.


Copy #420 of 1,000 of Bedos. "Buy it now" for $385.00.



Ebay Number 7383789511

The Edition De-luxe of Audsley's monumental The Art of Organ Building which was limited to 250 copies. These signed copies are printed on vellum. The two volumes are the size of the large old family Bibles - so they are heavy. They could be mailed, but I guess they would be very expensive to post. The condition of this set is fair - they may need some restoration. There are many excellent plates.


The set in question are number 25/250 and they are signed by the great man himself.

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