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Three Choirs Festival : Young Organists' platform in Gloucester

Denis O'Connor

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Recently the RCO and The Organ arranged recitals given by young top performers at the RCO's examinations. This series of lunchtime recitals, given at St John's Methodist church in the centre of Gloucester, afforded young performers the chance to perform to Festival audiences. Admission to the recitals was free. This year there are but two organ recitals which form part of a series given by young instrumentalists.The recitalists are still RCO 'stars', but there is a £10 admission fee. Am I alone in feeling this this is an unfortunate step, or am I simply narked at having to pay £10 to hear an 'unknown' performer? Olivier Latry will soon be performing at Cirencester parish church and the admission to this recital will be a reasonable £12 to hear a world-class performer.

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