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Jelani Eddington at Southampton Guildhall - 19th May


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Just a last minute plug for tomorrow's concert at Southampton Guildhall, featuring visiting American virtuoso Jelani Eddington playing the dual purpose, unique and awesome Compton.


This is a 'not to be missed' event. One of the most fantastic, orchestrally rich organs in the world, with huge resources of tone colours and dynamics, being played by one of the world's most wonderfully gifted, inventive and acclaimed performers.


The organ is Compton's masterpiece - an ingenious and stunningly executed amalgamation of a large concert organ and a huge theatre organ, with full choruses, many mixtures, numerous fine reeds, luscious strings, tonal & non-tonal percussion and not one but two distinctive 4-manual consoles. It is 99% original, including original relays and all pipework and was built into the Guildhall, with its cavernous auditorium space and superb acoustics, for the opening in 1937. The sheer quality of pipework and vast dynamic range has to be experienced - one can stand some 100ft from the chambers and with just the 8ft Salicional and shutters closed it is hard to hear anything, but then full organ (including the tuba and harmonic trumpet on 25in wind) will pin you against the back wall!


Jelani Eddington starts a UK tour with this event, and what a way to start! If ever the saying "one man orchestra" was applicable to a particular person, that is Jelani. He has never played the Guildhall Compton before so this will be a momentous day.


Please change your plans for tomorrow and get down to the Guildhall - 2.30pm start.


Details: www.guildhall-compton.org.uk

Jelani website: www.rjeproductions.com

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