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Pralltriller Article by Badura-Skoda

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Badura-Skoda reckons we've been playing the Pralltriller incorrectly all these years:


http://em.oxfordjour...3.full.pdf+html (for some reason the article opens at page 2)


I have a feeling this might not be the last word on the subject. For a start the first bar in example 6 is quoted incorrectly. Bach clearly notates the "accent" (appoggiatura) (http://practisingthe...3/ornaments.jpg) and his "trillo" (without "accent") definitely starts on the upper note. Then there is the question of how far evidence from Bach's sons can be assumed to be evidence of their father's practice. I'm no expert, but I'm left wondering whether the article really tells us anything we didn't already know, i.e. that the initial upper note of this particular ornament may be indicated in the ornament sign itself, or it may be notated on the stave (possibly signalled by a slur onto the ornamented note, but not necessarily), in which case the upper note is not repeated when the shake begins. Anyway, the article is worth a read if you like to make informed choices about these things.

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