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Priscilla Jackson RIP


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Philip Moore has written elsewhere:

"In case you have not already heard, Priscilla Jackson, Francis Jackson’s wife, died two days ago. She was very frail, although remarkably alert. She had meningitis about a year ago, from which she recovered remarkably well, although it left her partially deaf. I think she woke on Sunday with chest pains, and was in hospital for two days. "

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I have quite a number of recollections of Priscilla Jackson. This isn't the time or the place for them but I know, only too well, how Francis will be feeling at the moment, he and Priscilla were married for a very, very long time. What I found most comforting at this time were, certainly, messages of condolence from friends far and wide, some of whom I knew well, others who were just acquaintances, but also the assurance of prayers for my late wife, who had gone to the God that she so firmly believed in, and for me who was totally devastated at her loss.


Francis, I don't know whether you will read this but be assured of my prayers for Priscilla who, I know you will miss so much, and for yourself!


May she rest in peace and rise in Glory.


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