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New OUP publication - 18th century English Organ Music

Martin Cooke

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I don't think many members would be disappointed if they took a look at these excellent new volumes - four of them - edited by David Patrick. The great thing is that there is plenty that many of us won't have come across before - ok, the odd Boyce or Handel voluntary were in the old CH Trevor volumes from the 70s, but there are several new names such as Francis Linley, Jacob Kirkman, Jonas Blewitt, John 'Christmas' Beckwith, and others to go along with folk like Maurice Greene, John Travers, William Walond many more names everyone will have come across, without possibly encountering the music produced here. In addition - and this was something missing in CH Trevor volumes - there are general performance notes, instruction in ornamentation and some interesting biographical details. I bought mine from Allegro Music - they're doing a deal on the four albums bought together. You can see some images of the volumes and the contents on the OUP Music website.


[My subscription to Organists Review has lapsed and so I haven't seen any review or advert for these publications if one has been printed. Sorry, therefore, if this is old news.]




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