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Historical Heritage in a New Era

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In the German magazine "Ars Organi", I read a most fascinating story. To create some extra space in their building, a church community in Kelzenberg wants to get rid of their organ, built by Führer (1988) in an older organ case from 1902. After some opposition by municipal authorities (because of the monumental value of the organ case), this will be the solution: the facade will be separated from the organ and attached to the wall, in order to preserve the visual aspect. The organ itself will be sold. In my humble opinion, this is a rather remarkable way of dealing with historical heritage.


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The same thing has happened here. One of the churches were unable to afford repairs to the whole instrument after the earthquakes, (a 1906 E. H. Jenkin's) so just the facade pipes have been repaired and restored and placed back in position at the front of the old organ chamber. The chamber has been opened up for added space for the congregation, and from what I have heard, musically there will be a digital organ to replace the pipe organ.

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