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Other than the magnificent Easter sermon from Canada, on the pod-cast of which we were recently invited to listen , I cannot recall a single sermon from the past TEN YEARS, with two notable exceptions.

Thank you for your positive comments. I almost thought no one listened because of the low volume of replies.


I'm not quite sure what "church" represents to-day.

I'm not sure about the situation in the UK but many in Canada view the church as a community resource, stressing service more than worship. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it does decrease attendance. On the other hand, the number of outreach programs and community services is ever increasing because of strong demand and support. The public use of church facilities as community centres have also increased.


A lot of people, instead of going to scheduled services, drop by on weekday afternoons for short periods of private prayers. They view that it is all they need, except for Christmas and Easter, when large scale "liturgical spectacles" are appropriate for the festive celebrations. Even on these occasions, many attend church services only because of an older relative. My friend said to me that she only goes to church once a year, on Easter Sunday, with the family, because it pleases her grandmother.

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