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Audio from Holland.....


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Evening all,


Among the various things I like to do in my spare time comes listening to foreign radio: I have a shortwave radio and I enjoy picking up English broadcasts from other countries across the globe. I think it is fascinating to get a perspective on world affairs from another country.


My work involves driving cars. On Monday evening (about 6:30pm) I tuned around on the mediumwave band of the car I was driving back to the depot I worked from and, among the stations I picked up, was NOS5. For those not in the know, NOS is to Dutch broadcasting what the BBC is to broadcasting in the UK.


The programme I tuned into was broadcasting classical music. Among the tunes I heard was one that was playing when I tuned in and I pulled over to get two sound samples. One clip is, I believe, the hymn "Great is thy Faithfulness" being sung in Dutch (the tune is right) and I am nearly 100% certain the Dutch word for "Great" could be heard. I am not fluent in the Dutch lingo: I just know a word or two.


The classical music sample is a tune I can't identify. It seems to have some organ in it and quite a bit of orchestra. The quality of the audio isn't great as I used the sound recorder on my digital camera to record the sample. The tune can be heard though and I am wondering if someone would mind trying to ID the classical piece for me? The sound sample I got is only about 1 minute in length but after what I heard of it I would like to hear the rest of it.


If anyone fancies a go then please give me a PM on this forum with your email address and I will send the classical clip and the "Great is thy faithfulness" clip.




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