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Sermon Occupations For Organists:


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Whilst I have no wish to provoke anyone, I was wondering what colleagues do during sermons.


It is entirely possible that Rev. Newnham may suggest that one should listen. Believe me, I have tried, but since I normally have to endure three every Sunday, there really is a limit to what I can stand.


Many of ours really are not that good. By this I mean that there could be a number of perceived faults:


* Too many points

* Drifting from the subject

* Dry, uninteresting delivery

* Self-indulgent waffle (replete with funny stories, in order not to mind sitting still for twenty minutes.

* Too scholarly

* Too excitable

* Too long

* Using the same sermon three times on the same day (Oh yes he did!)

etc, etc.


I find that the worst time is during Choral Evensong. I am sorry, but by 19h10 on a Sunday evening, having already played the best part of three fully-choral services, two rehearsals and possibly practised the odd voluntary or two, I am just not interested in concentrating on some person mumbling away from the pulpt.


Anyway, I often use the time to do some marking or other school preparation. I also occasionally do some work for my Russian lessons. Often, though, I just sit and read a book.


I do not doubt that there are some amongst us who listen carefully, learn and feel the better for the instruction. Ths is, of course, a good thing.


Unfortunately, I am not that good!


Any further suggestions?

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