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Cesar Franck from St. Paul's Cathedral


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Please forgive the advertising but if you want to hear some really interesting repertoire (along with some more familiar music) played skilfully, exremely musically and above all tastefully then I would strongly recommend this.The organ sounds atmospheric and in much better focus than I've heard it on CD before. Every detail is crystal clear.


High praise for Simon Johnson the performer, Hyperion for their recording and to our hosts here for the instrument as it stands today.



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I was in St Paul's for a Sunday Evensong 2 or 3 of years ago, Simon played one of the Symphonic movements (either the first or third, can't remember which), it sounded wonderful. I think at the time Simon had only completed one of the movements.


Daniel Roth has also done an arrangement of the Symphony which I heard him play in Saint Amans, Rodez (South of France) several years ago, it sounded better at St Paul's.


Simon also played the Symphonic Interlude from Redemption on a BBC broadcast of Choral Evensong, possibly last year.

I'll have to look up this CD!

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Guest Geoff McMahon

I now have a copy of this CD and I have to say it is very special. They recorded it closer than is usually the case which lends the organ and music much more clarity, without losing the wonderful St Paul's acoustic at all. The playing masterly as you would expect, you have the feeling Simon Johnson was as relaxed as if he were playing the most easy repertoire (I bet he wasn't, but maybe he was). It flows so beautifully. Well worth getting I would say.



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