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New Fugue State Films DVD Projects - Franck and Widor


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I'm sure many contributors already possess the excellent box set about Cavaille-Coll's organs made by Fugue State Films, and those who purchased directly from them will also, like me, have received an e-mail today with details of two exciting new DVD projects about Franck and Widor. Further details are available on their website at http://www.fuguestatefilms.co.uk/, including details of how to 'subscribe' in order to support the projects, as they did for the CC DVDs.


In brief, the Franck DVD will contain a one-hour documentary and performances of the six major organ works not included on the CC DVD - the Three Chorals, Pastorale, Piece Heroique and Grand Piece Symphonique, all played by David Noel-Hudson on three different organs. The Widor DVD will also contain a one-hour documentary presented by Gerard Brooks, with Brooks playing No. 5 at Rouen and No. 6 at Orleans. Both come with CDs too.


This surely promises to be another must-have for fans of the genre - we will have to petition them to do a similar film for Vierne afterwards!

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