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Richard Fairhurst

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I note that Pietro Yon died in 1943, which means his works come out of copyright on 1st January.


Unfortunately this is just a couple of weeks too late to print off this rather enjoyable Advent suite for this season, though our Canadian cousins (who have more relaxed copyright laws) can do so. Shame, the toccata looks fun and eminently playable.


*whistles innocently*

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I downloaded this and played it at the cathedral lunch-time concert yesterday. To be honest, there's not much there that an averagely competent player couldn't have extemporised and the harmonic scheme is very unimaginative, rarely going outside the three-chord trick for long periods (sort of organic Status Quo). Still, the punters liked it. In particular, my friend George, who sings tenor in the cathedral choir and has a particular liking for French organ music (especially if it's Marian), said he found it very enjoyable.


I reckon it would make a good teaching piece - none of it is very difficult.

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