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Brompton Regis, Somerset


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Hi all,


Anyone on this forum who is a fan of, or otherwise interested in, the work of TC Lewis may be interested to know that the parish of Brompton Regis (Exmoor, West Somerset) have been raising funds for the restoration of their 1872 TC Lewis organ.


The Heritage Lottery Fund donated £6500 which has enabled the £27,500 target to be reached. Work is scheduled to start in January 2014 and take 4-5 months. The parish has a website and part of it contains a history, as well as photos, of the organ and also contact details for the church's organist should anyone wish to have a go on the organ. This can be found at




I remember once playing the beginning and end music for a service in this church some years back when there was a female organist here. Very nice instrument.




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Kingsbrompton is indeed a lovely instrument. I've played it a couple of times and did some work on it a while back when I was helping Brian Verrier from Deane Organ Builders with tunings. Not a terribly exciting spec but it really works well. I think that the elderly lady who had played at the church for many years left her house to the parish and they are restoring the organ in her memory. I must go over again soon and have a look.

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It looks to be similar to the 1 manual at St Matthew Otterbourne in Hampshire - slightly later and without the Swell but a real gem and lovely to play for services etc.

8 Open, 8 Lieblich, 8 Salicional, 4, 4 Flute, 2 Flautino on the manual with a pedal 16 Sub Bass - all unenclosed.



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